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Optus Cap For iPhone - $19.00

Key Info

Cost Per Month:
Included Value:
Est. Talk Time :
1 hrs
Included Data:
Contract Length:
12 months
Mobile Network:
3G Network
  • Unlimited mobile access within Australia to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Myspace, eBay and Foursquare.
  • 12 month contract

Customer Ratings

Customer Support50%
Network Performance & Reliability50%
Value for money80%
Overall Satisfaction50%

Plan Details

We offer Apple iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS mobile phone plans with generous mobile internet data options. Our range of iPhone plans includes national and international SMS and talk, plus unlimited3 mobile access within Australia to social networking sites such as Facebook®, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, eBay and Foursquare. Browse our range of iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS plans below and choose a solution match you personal style and budget.

What Can You Do With 100MB?

Stream Music

1 hour

Avg. 0.89MB p/min

Stream Movies

13 mins

Avg. 7.5MB p/min


1 hour

Avg. 1MB p/min

Browse Web

40 mins

Avg. 2.5MB p/min

Network Speed

This plan uses the Optus 4G mobile network. Based on user speed tests, the typical download speed is 2.3 MB/s, 14% slower than the Australian 4G network average of 2.6 MB/s. Typical response time (latency) is 170 milliseconds, 24% faster than the national 4G average of 222 milliseconds.

About Optus

Optus is an Australian leader in integrated communications - serving more than 8.9 million customers each day.

The company specialises in a broad range of communications services including mobile, local, national and long distance telephony, business network services, internet and satellite services and subscription television.

In 2001, SingTel became the parent company of Optus, paving the way for Optus to become a strong and strategic telecommunications player within the Asia-Pacific region.

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Optus Reviews

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  • Jep
    Posted 6 months ago "Awful"
    Customer support:
    Network performance:
    Value for money:

    Great value but...

    Reviewed Plan: Optus $2 Days - 4G Ready

    This is great value, however the customer service of Optus is shocking at best. Their customer care staff are basically the same as the ticket dispensing machine at Safeway deli. Their sole purpose is to give you a umber so you can wait for someone else to actually take care of the issue. The data, and lets be honest it is the reason you are considering this, is plentiful however you probably will never be able to download the 500mb per day they limit you to as it is so slow you are more likely to die of old age first. I am in an area with very strong 4G signal strength and it plays up constantly. Optus has slipped greatly in terms of quality and it shows with their reviews. When you have a genuine issue in the area, their staff are more interested in blaming your phone then their service for the issue. A very positive spin of "well you have held the line for 20mins straight without it dropping out" was put on my complaint that the service as unreliable. Mind you the call had dropped out twice before that and once afterwards and I could barely hear the service person on the other end and vice versa.
  • Mohammed
    Posted 8 months ago "Good"
    Customer support:
    Network performance:
    Value for money:

    Included Data

    Reviewed Plan: Optus $2 Days

    I have a Included Data unlimited because I use internet most my time

Optus Cap For iPhone Rates

Plan: Optus Cap For iPhone
Network: Optus 3G
Cost: $19.00
Included Value: $70.00
Credit Expires: 30 days
Credits Roll Over: No
Block Size: 60 seconds
SMS Cost: $0.25
Flagfall: $0.35
Rate Per Minute: $0.90
Included Data: 100MB
Data Rate: $0.5 per MB
Voicemail Flagfall: $0.00
Voicemail Per Minute: $0.90
Contract Length: 12 months

Last updated: January 12, 2014

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