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Vaya Power Plan 18 - $18.00

  Key Info

Cost Per Month:
Included Value:
Est. Talk Time :
10 hrs
Included Data:
Contract Length:
Mobile Network:
4G Network
  • 1.5GB included data
  • $650 included credit
  • Unlimited Standard SMS
  • Unlimited Vaya-to-Vaya calls & SMS
  • 4c per MB excess data rate
  • Add-on data packages available
  • 24-month contract option only saves $20 (free sim) compared to month-to-month option

  Customer Ratings

Customer Support25%
Network Performance & Reliability75%
Value for money60%
Overall Satisfaction35%

Plan Details

Power Plus

Buy extra data. Just $7 per GB!

Power Plus Bolton is available on any Power Plan.

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Value Rating: Unrated
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What Can You Do With 1.5GB?

Stream Music

1.2 days

Avg. 0.89MB p/min

Stream Movies

3 hours

Avg. 7.5MB p/min


1 days

Avg. 1MB p/min

Browse Web

10 hours

Avg. 2.5MB p/min

About Vaya

Vaya is a low-cost, online mobile service provider.

We are an Australian-owned, next generation mobile service provider. Our business is simple, creating mobile deals that actually save you money whilst providing a service that is second to none.

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Network Speed

This plan uses the Optus 4G mobile network. Based on user speed tests, the typical download speed is 1.3 MB/s, 3% faster than the Australian 4G network average of 1.3 MB/s. Typical response time (latency) is 49 milliseconds, 68% faster than the national 4G average of 152 milliseconds.

Vaya Reviews

  • Posted 1 month ago "Awful"
    Customer support:
    Network performance:
    Value for money:

    Don't waste another second

    Reviewed Plan: Vaya Power Plan 18 (V2)

    I can't rate the coverage, call quality, data etc. because I could never get the darn sim operational. They offer a cheap price, good data plan but they wouldn't let me port my number and insisted I buy a new sim. I did that and things still couldn't be ported over. They say you can exit at any time so I said I would leave. They billed me a $20 exit fee, the $18 for 2 months and some other random fee that added in total to $80. I had written down notes about each phone conversation and threatened the ombudsman. It was a waste of time and I ended up paying $38 in fees to leave Vaya. They have poor reviews for a reason. Do yourself a favor and steer clear of Vaya!

  • Posted 2 months ago "Awful"
    Customer support:
    Network performance:
    Value for money:

    Froud compnay

    Reviewed Plan: Vaya Power Plan 18 (V2)

    Strongly do not connect with vaya.i had a bad experience. Costmer care not good satisfactory gave answer. If anybody want to loss mony go with vaya.

  • Posted 2 months ago "Awful"
    Customer support:
    Network performance:
    Value for money:


    Reviewed Plan: Vaya Power Plan 18 (V2)

    Customer service is "It's all your fault not ours" attitude. Poor communication, they love to fight back but won't rectify the problems. Seems like they are unhappy staff. They have an unusual way of expressing things like costs and usage that is so confusing. They express your usage in ways that are unclear. They take observations of how they are failing and how they can improve as "abuse" and seem to make no attempt to address the problem initially raised. I don't believe that I have had one good customer service experience with them. I am now looking to move away from them. BASED 100% on their customer service.


    Their rates were pretty good at the time.


    Customer service. Also data speed which is advertised as 4G was atrociously slow.

  • Posted 5 months ago "Good"
    Customer support:
    Network performance:
    Value for money:

    Horrific customer service... But if you never actually need their customer service, it is a great deal.

    Reviewed Plan: Vaya Power Plan 18 (V2)

    The coverage and mobile service is fine, and the price is fantastic. Just pray you never need customer service, as it is pretty much impossible to get in touch with anyone, either on the phone or through their web site.

  • Posted 7 months ago "Awful"
    Customer support:
    Network performance:
    Value for money:

    Don't go with Vaya

    Reviewed Plan: Vaya Power Plan 18 (V2)

    Don't ever join Vaya. Dodgy policies and highly INACCURATE data billing system. You will NEVER get what you paid for. The small amount of money you save is not worth it because you are most likely to be charged with UNFAIR excess usage charge than really saving anything at all. Most of their customers leave within a short period of time. Just do a Google search and you can see for yourself.

  • Posted 8 months ago "Awful"
    Customer support:
    Network performance:
    Value for money:


    Reviewed Plan: Vaya Power Plan 18 (V2)

    If you have a smart phone of any description you will most likely be charged extra charges every month for International SMS that you do not make. If you are prepared to foot this bill its still an ok deal, but the stress of trying to sort it out with them just makes it not worth it for me. Each international SMS is 35c but if you multiply this by the 9 charges i got last month it bumps the cost up to almost $25. Vaya will not refund your charges as they say your phone handset is responsible. I have contacted my ombudsman!

  • Posted 1 year ago "Awful"
    Customer support:
    Network performance:
    Value for money:

    Big Mistake - Don"t Sign Up

    Reviewed Plan: Vaya Power Plan 45 (V2)

    Cannot complain about customer service - there is None! Joined almost 1 month ago, and while happy with coverage , which is the same as Optus , the customer service is really non existent . Two weeks ago received a message that I had exceeded my International limit, (by 35cents) despite having not used phone for any such call or sms. Rang them and surprisingly got through to a customer service agent. She said that I had sent an international sms and thus exceeded limit by 35 cents. I explained that we had not sent any SMS and that she might like to ring any number I had sent sms to to check this... then the call dropped out... , I'd give her the benefit of doubt but there was no return call to resolve the issue, so I think she hung up on me !!! I then rang back, 4 time times, only to have the call drop out at 8 minutes and 30 seconds after listening to how they are busy! I then sent an email, observing that their website says they will be back in touch within 24 to 48 hours --- don't believe it, two weeks later and still no return email. Despite all this i proceeded to pay my account, including the 35 cents, but today all services, data and phone ceased today - who knows why. Today , I tried ringing them from my phone, but even this call is barred, so again i tried to ring them.... you guessed it, three phone calls later, each one dropping out at the 8 minute mark. So - learn from my mistake - avoid them like the plague. Tomorrow off to change carrier and send these details to Ombusdman!
  • Vaya Power Plan 18 Rates

    Plan: Vaya Power Plan 18
    Network: Optus 4G
    Cost: $18.00
    Included Value: $650.00
    Credit Expires: 30 days
    Credits Roll Over: No
    Block Size: 60 seconds
    SMS Cost: $0.00
    Flagfall: $0.35
    Rate Per Minute: $0.90
    Included Data: 1.5GB
    Data Rate: $0.04 per MB
    Voicemail Flagfall: $0.90
    Voicemail Per Minute: $
    Contract Length: None

    Last updated: February 26, 2014

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